High school pitching Velocity for Frosh


I Created a topic around November 10th talking about pitching and velocity for a freshman HS pitcher. I topped out at the Freshman tryout at 76 mph back in October. Being a LHP hitting 76 trying out as a freshman caught some attention from the coaches. I pitched up with varsity for a few games in pre-season. That was 8 months ago and I haven’t been clocked on a radar gun since… Until today. I went onto the field hoping that I would touch 79 MPH but kinda laughed when my firsts pitch was 80. Topping out at 83MPH today still a freshman gave me a lot of attention from varsity. The varsity head coach told me that I’ve gained 7 MPH in less then 9 months and told me if I do the proper eating and work out to get stronger that he wouldn’t be surprised to see me hit 87MPH by next spring when I will be a sophomore. Pitching today really opened my eyes making me realize I could have a chance to pitch in college. I have no idea how fast a lefty has to throw to get into D3+ schools or how fast I have to throw to be on varsity as a lower class men please let me know, Thanks


Firstly congrats your season and exceeding your own expectations in your throwing recently. It’s great to hear about your success from hard work and dedication. As a lefty in high school throwing in the 80s is very good, and being able to sit in the low 80s every time is even better. Especially as a freshman. All I can say here is keep busting it and working to stay healthy and get better but your velo is definitely there. so don’t overtrain yourself and cause an injury just trying to throw faster. Even now as a freshman in the low 80s from the left side, with a strong off speed and decent curve, you could have options at every level of college. It honestly comes down to the quality of your off speed and being a good pitcher instead of just a hard thrower. A lefty from my high school just went juco and was throwing mid to upper 80s due to the fact that he was a raw athlete, but his pitching wasn’t at the level of guys going D2 and D1. Keep working hard but don’t let velo be the only goal youre chasing. Continue to develop as an all around pitcher and you can have a very bright future.


You are well above average for your age and a LHP.
At my sons college last year, a small college, he was the hardest throwing LHP at 83.
If you can sit at 87-88 with solid command you will get attention from D1 schools.
That said, you do have time.
Train hard, train smart and don’t over look the “boring” and “tedious” stuff…arm care is huge if you are going to be a guy who throws hard.


Thanks! I have one of the nastiest sliders u could see from a freshman in HS and it was clocked at 76mph yesterday I’ve spent very little time working on a change up mostly because I’ve been stubborn just thinking guys can’t get around on my fastball and they don’t come close to my slider but I have been going to some coaches and I’ve been practicing a chang up


Yeah I’ve been known for a little lack of command lately since HS started its been a little harder then usual for me to stay consistant for strikes but I am now starting Jeager bands and they really keep my arm strong