High school pitching velocity for college pitchers


How fast should a high school pitcher be throwing in Sophomore and Junior year if they would like to play D3 or better in college?


From what I’ve seen topping out 85+ mph in high school with a solid secondary pitch and good control will give you options at all levels of college baseball except maybe top 25% D1 schools. Perfectgame has a feature on their site where you can look at HS players committed to different colleges and it includes their velocities from high school. The ace of the D3 school I will be attending next fall sits 81-83 but has 3 pitches he can consistently throw for strikes. I have also seen two relievers on the team sit over 85 mph but neither have good command or secondary pitches. You can make a good amount of D3 teams with a FB around 80-82 mph as long as that’s paired with decent control and a curveball.


Lack of command ends more college careers prematurely than a lack of velocity.


I feel like I am at around 80 right now as a sohpomore, and I have a working curveball and a polished changeup, where will that get me?


Feeling like you are around 80 means nothing.
If you are that concerned about get a good gun reading, otherwise you are just guessing.
But, you are a sophomore…you still have time, but, you need to know where you are starting.