High school pitching making gains

I Started a topic earlier around November 10th asking how hard I should throw as a 15 year old freshman in high school. Back then at the tryouts Topped out at 76 MPH Being a LHP I attracted some attention from varsity and I played with them a little in pre-season. That was around 8 months ago. I was just clocked again today for the first time since that tryout, hoping to hit 79 MPH I kinda laughed when I hit 80 the first pitch. Today I topped out at 83 MPH and I am still a freshman. My coach says If I eat right and workout my lower half of my body I could be seeing 87 next spring when I am a sophomore. I want to know how hard I would have to throw as a LHP to go up to varsity at my age? I want to go to a D1 school some day and I don’t know what they’re looking for velocity wise from a LHP.

Most varsity teams will taken any decent lefty who can throw strikes and has any gas at all. It seems the bar is set lower for LHPs. The key is not issuing walks.

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