High school lifting and Throwing program

hey guys whats up.


Have a look at this link and read it.

It is very interesting i don’t know if it is true or not though. They talk about kids throwing yearly around 12 months out of the year.

This high school posted a 38-1 record to and won the state championship which is very impressive. But ya do you guys believe in long tossing every day and throwing every day and weightlifting every day. believe it or not?
I know when i lift weights and long toss my muscles get sore and i am unable to

Interesting and you can’t argue with success. As a former player, however, the off-season gave me time to let my body rest, recover, and regenerate. It also gave me a mental break. How many players moved onto the next level?

i think 1 of their players out of their top 5 was getting drafted 1st overall which is very impressive. But ya their top 5 pitchers were throwing over 90mph. Plus a team era of 0.77 is amazing.

That was the dad of Colby Rasmus, CF for the Stl. Cardinals. In the article it says he did pullovers with 275 lbs. Later the year the won the State championship he got drafted. And Colby also went to the 1999 LL World Series like it says. Good article though. :smiley: