High School Freshman Pitching Clip

This is me at 15 and 3 months. I am around 80-82, and have hit 84 and was wondering if you guys can pick up anything that might help me this spring for my sophmore year. I want to hit 91 by my senior year.

Sorry for the crappy video, this is all I have of me…


Based on that video, I think you have very nice mechanics. The only thing I can see is it looks like you tilt your head and shoulders to the glove side a bit. Some people will tell you that is good because it raises your release point higher and gives you a more downward trajectory on your pitches. But I would want to see you from behind and look at your drag line to decide if there are truly any postural issues that warrant correcting. Also, I’d want to see if the higher release point (which, by the way, isn’t as far forward as it could be) affects your breaking pitch. 80-82mph is excellent velocity for a 15yo. But you also need location/control and movement.

looks pretty good to me dude. if you can throw 80 to 100 pitches in an outing and not get sore i wouldn’t worry too much.

nice are breaking 80 at 15. throw the off-speed stuff for strikes like he said and you’re right on target.

good luck

Thanks for the reply. Are you saying I need to hold on the ball longer and not tilt to glove side? I will try to find or get some footage of me from behind.

In a game at the end of the season, we had to win or season was over I pitched a complete 9 inn game for a 4-3 win in semi-finals of are district tourny in Varsity…

No, don’t hold the ball longer or you’ll just bounce it in front of the plate. The way you move your release point out front is with good mechanics and timing. In your case, a posture change like tilting the head and shoulders to the side will usually pull the release point back and raise it up. Some people think this is insignificant. I think that it can be significant. But, like I said previously, I’d need to see more to in order to make further judgement.

15 years old and you pitched a 9 inning CG? Fabulous job, but how many pitches?



I think it was around 130…


I agree with all here that your mechanics look very good for the most part.

What Roger saw as a leaning motion, I saw somewhat differently: Judging by the stationary objects in the background of your video, it looked to me like you start out ‘tall’ and drop down to a lower posture early in your stride. With better video (use a tripod!) it would be more clear, but that’s what it looked like to me.

If you agree that you are doing that, you might want to start in a posture that has a little more bend in your knees so there is no wasted north-south motion in your stride to home plate. Obviously, since you are throwing down a slope your head/shoulders/torso will track down the slope of the mound; but your head should stay parallel to the slope, not drop down (or pop up).

Other than that one thing, I think you have a real good delivery.

IMHO that’s too many. Also, IMHO, this highlights a major problem with the system. Young pitchers with talent, like you, get used hard in the name of winning. Now, I understand that winning goes closely with college scholarships etc., but if this sort of thing continues over a season, thru summer ball, and into fall ball, you are going to wear out before you get thru college.
It’s an example of the issue we discussed awhile ago, where young pitchers with talent get overused in the name of winning. Happens in kids younger than you too. Going to pro ball, it’s more of an issue of attrition than it is an issue of the cream rising to the top. This age is where the most attrition occurs. Again, IMHO…
I guess I think of the situation as though a pitcher only has so many pitches in his arm, and if they get used up too early, they get hurt.



your winup is very similar to scott kazmir And thats a good thing :smiley: