High school freshman pitcher

hey guys this is my first post, so I thought i’d give you some background info. I’m a freshman in high school and on the varsity baseball team. I have two good pitches right now in my fastball and curve. I don’t throw fast by any stretch of the imagination (probably around 60-65 I’m only about 5’5 115) but I have good control with my fastball, and my curve breaks a lot and there is a big speed difference between the two (don’t know exactly how much as I’ve never been gunned before but its noticeable) I’m working on my circle change and trying to make my 2seam break more. My ultimate goal is to get into a really good school and get recruited to play baseball there.

     Anyway, I made my first varsity appearance as a pitcher two days ago, after our team fell behind 10-0 in the first inning. I came in with with the bases loaded and 2 outs in the first. I struck the guy out on 5 pitches for my first varsity strikeout. I ended up pitching 5 2/3 innings and giving up 3 earned runs and 4 strikeouts, not bad for a first varsity appearance i thought. btw the 3 runs came in the very last inning when i was taken out.

so i’m going to be updating this log everytime i pitch throughout the season (and maybe sometimes when i just have a good game) and hopefully periodically throughout the offseason. The quest to play college baseball begins here!

I threw a mini bullpen today and using a cheap bushnell radar gun I was around 55-60 consistently. Can anyone tell me if this is accurate or not considering its a bushnell? My curve was good, it was 10 mph slower than my 4 seam,and I’m getting better at the two seam. I am also going to be starting a workout program with a trainer pretty soon.

Bushnell can be anywhere from 1-5 MPH off of Stalker and Jugs, there’s a thread in the general forum about this very topic.

sorry I haven’t updated this in a while but, I’ve been sidelined for a month now with fractures in the growth plates of both my hips. I missed the remainder of the high school season, so that pitching appearance I mentioned in my first post was my only of the season. Good thing is, that even with that injury, my doctor has said I can keep throwing just no playing in games for a while.

So today, I went and threw a little and I finally got the two seam that i’ve been working on, and was throwing it with confidence. Going to keep going to Physical Therapy, so I can get ready for my summer season, which starts pretty soon. I’ll try and update this more with my progress, and I’ll try and post some video when I can.