High School Coach is a Complete MORON

I just want to vent and let everyone know that my HS pitching coach is a just unbelievably dumb and I cannot stand him.

That is all.

Feel free to toss in any stories or thoughts!

I agree…no wait, he’s the second coming of Casey Stengel. No, he doesn’t diddly-squat about baseball…I’ve never seen someone with such a grasp of the nuances of the game. He looks like he’s never even seen a baseball game…he’s playing chess when the other coach is playing checkers…See how pointless???

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high school coaches have their own system and if your opinion deviates in the slightest bit, it can frustrate them pretty well. just gotta keep your head down and keep grinding it out, and do what it takes to be your best.

but I completely understand the feeling…


My thoughts on " high school" baseball coach, generally he’s a teacher looking for extra income. Travel coaches can be just as bad in some cases.
Advice to players, In baseball it is your responsibility to be ready to play, mentally and physically. A coach will only give you bad advice if you let them. He can tell you how to perform a play/ task on the field or practice, you be respectful and listen, but get yourself prepared.

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