High School Chances

Today was my first practice for my new 8th grade travel ball team. All of our practices are at the high school I will be going to next year. So the high school coaches for the JV and Varsity coaches attend the practices. At the practices I work and try as hard as I can. But unfortunately I have some teamates that don’t want to be there. So when they don’t try hard they make me look really bad. But the worst part is that its right in front of the high school coaches. It really sucks because the high school coaches look at me in a different way because a few of my teamates don’t want to be there. The only reason why those kids are there is because their dads make them. But I really want to impress the coaches and play on Varsity next year. So what should I do?


See my reply to your post in the other forum.

I’ve coached high school and college age kids for 10 years and I can tell you that most coaches can see the difference between kids that don’t want to be there and those that are busting their butts.

Keep hustling, be the first guy in any conditioning, and always be attentive to what the coaches are saying.

You will definitely stand out.

Coach Steve Rau