High leg kick

do u get more velocity from a higher leg kick

its your whole body and good mechanics that make more velocity

It helps me to have a high leg kick and for a milisecound stop and hold it then follow through . It gives me more velocity

it get your body moving faster
it also makes you stride longer
hey whatever works 4 u

For me a high leg kick gives me more velocity and more control.Although this is not the same for everyone.

Nolan Ryan said he throws harder when he lifts his knee higher.

A higher knee lift can contribute to more momentum which, in turn, can lead to more velocity.

I used to bounce up on my tip toes of my standing leg during my leg lift before coming back down and using that extra height to drive towards the plate
I’m not sure if this actually got me more velocity but I sure haven’t seen anyone else do it before

Not if you can generate the same amount of horizontal and vertical momentum with a lower kick. It’s really just wasted motion if you don’t know how to take advantage of it. For example, see El Duque.

Take a look at this clip I made of Matt Garza. Look at the differences in the height of the leg kick/lift. Both of these pitches were fastballs and there was little velocity difference.