High glove side


If having a higher glove side, and turning your body over healthy/efficient? By this I mean what people such as Yovanni Gallardo, Chris Young, and Tim Lincecum do.


It’s just one way of doing things that works for some but not for others. Do you have a high glove? Or are you considering adopting one? Or are you just curious?

Former Yankees pitcher Andy Pettitte is another example of a pitcher with a high glove.


I had a higher one, felt good, I was told to lower it. All it took was one bullpen session and I’m debating trying it again for purposes such as power… And it looks cool to me. Although if I do, I want to make sure that
A) it doesn’t lead to injury as I’ve heard once it could
B) I do it properly to actually gain power
I’m saying this considering I’m 5 foot 10 and done growing, and want to get my Velo up in the 93-95 range.


Sending this as a reply, because the other one was not marker to you.


First, if someone told you that a high glove leads to injury I would not seek advice from that person anymore. There are a lot of opinions on what causes injury, but very few proven facts. That type of information should be taken only from people that spend their life work researching such things (doing a search on ASMI is a good place to start). A lot of people have opinions on mechanics, you will drive yourself crazy if you try listening to all of them.

Second, it seems like you are searching for a magic change that will result in you throwing 95mph. There is no such thing. There is no glove position, foot position, arm position, etc. that will do it. Throwing 95 is a result of years of hard work beyond what most people could even imagine. Even then most never get there. The mechanics that work best for you are determined over hours and hours of practice along with some seriously hard work in the gym. There are good quality coaches that can help get and keep you on the right path, but ultimately your best and most natural mechanics will come from you. If a high glove feels natural and you throw better, by all means give it a try. If you are forcing changes because a couple MLB pitchers are successful with it, my guess is that you will waste time trying to “fix” instead of throw.

Best of luck!


Thanks, I’ll try it. And ahaha I’m aware of the struggle to get to 90s, I’ll see what happens.