High glove hand

Here’s a guy who has his glove hand up pretty high at this point in his motion. What do you think about it? Good? Bad? A quirk? A flaw? A result of something else?

Interesting question, looking forward to hearing some answers.

It can be used to get equal and opposite with your GS and AS hands. It can be caused by lowering your back shoulder to lead with the hips. If they’re throwing strikes, I don’t have a problem with it.

While it’s not for everyone, it works for some. There’s nothing inherently wrong with it so it’s a non-issue to me. Yankee’s pitcher Andy Pettitte did pretty good with a high glove.

I’m thinking the high glove is an equal-and-opposite reaction to dangling the ball hand.

Here’s Lincecum doing the same thing, but with more a more downwards “dangle”: