High fastball correction

Looking for tips to lower an 11 yr old’s fastball from belt-high to knee-high.

release point…if he is missing belt high then his release point is just a little too high. just make the minor adjustment and he’ll be fine

Just saying “adjust the release point” isn’t a lot of help, that’s one of the hardest things to just say "do it this way. This can be addressed in a number of issues. Is the lower half too early, which forces the upper body to lag a little and miss high (and the difference between belt high and knee high timing is pretty minimal, but its relevant). Is there a hitch or upward movement with the shoulders in the delivery that cause the upper body to move up and down instead of a straight line, downhill to the C? Lots more information is needed here as it could be a number of minor things…

Teach him to throw a sinker. :slight_smile:

Try glove hand high, pitch hand low.

could his stride be longer?