High arc for long toss/infield throw

hi yall, is there any specific keypoints that i need to keep in mind when i’m doing long toss or infield throw to persist my ball down in a low arc, my ball always goes up high. i just know to keep my hand on top of the ball, but really don’t help that much.
thanks for helping me out!!!

Follow through i guess

one thing and one thing only when you’re long tossing:


That’s really the only way long toss does you any good. It’s hilarious when people claim that you should only go out to 120 feet. Long toss? I don’t know what their definition is, but that sure as hell ain’t long.

Long toss is about stretching your arm’s capabilities to the max.
Jaeger style is a good way to go, work your way loosely out to maximum distance, until you’re putting every last bit of effort into each throw. Then walk in, maintaining that same intensity with each throw.

That’s really all long toss is about.

the big arc sure expended me longer distance, but when it comes to the pull down part, i just can’t make it a smaller arc.

you’re telling me you can’t throw 100% to a target 6-10 feet off the ground? Just focus on each throw I think you will get it.

well, not quite, i just can’t get to the pull down phases, as it said on the jeager sports.