"Hiding the Ball"

I have great deal of concern about this flaw that i recently discovered. Today my friend told me that in my windup he notices that he can see the ball clearly when i swing my arm back and that its easy for him to pick up what pitch is coming. He told me to hide the ball, but i have no idea how to do that. My arm motion is much like mariano rivera’s. I swing my arm down then bring it up like a pendulum. I hear that pitchers like lincecum and clemens hide the ball very well. I just want to know how i can accomplish this. Thanks for the help everyone

it’s basically just “hiding” the ball behind your post leg during your delivery. by swinging your arm straight back…if you do that the batter can’t pick up the ball until just before the ball is released.

One of the first things my pitching coach told me was to make sure I used a big enough glove so that the opposition could not read my pitches, because some of my stuff had distinctive grips, like the palm ball and the knuckle curve. He also told me to bring my hands down to belt level before breaking them—at the last possible moment before delivering the pitch, which made it even harder for the batters to pick up on what I might be throwing, and also to move fast. 8)

Good mechanics that allow for good timing to keep the shoulders closed longer and rotate later also allow you to hide the ball longer.

there is no such thing as ‘‘hiding the ball’’

look at arm swing like Ben Sheet, Madison Bumgarner , Derek Holland , andy sonnanstine, Chad Billingsley etc

their arm swing is just swing too much, which means they start towrads their back, as a result, the hitters can see the ball

like this pitcher illustrate here

this may create more pressure on their shoulder, thats why those pitchers who have this kind of arm swing, tend to have shoulder injury!!!

if your arm swing is pendulum swing but did not swing towards your back,

like Jon Lester,
Roger Clemens (Red Sox and new york yankee) ,
Roy halladay (earlier age with overhand release point) ,
Greg Maddux, justin Verlander,
Alfredo Figaro (Tigers pitchers in 2010, im not sure where is he now), Johney Cueto,
Tim Lincecum , Roy Oswalt, Andy Pettite etc
, etc~~

when their pitching hand is vertical usually its behind the head, so standing from hitting stance of view, of course you can not see the ball, until it release

because they start their arm swing, from side body , instead towards their back, and this type of arm swing is also what i recommand and suggest to most of people if your arm swing is pendulum swing type.

like those pictures here

there are some pitchers with the arm swing, is to left up the elbow first, and some of them , when the pitching hand is vertical, the ball is not behind their head, its behind their ear so the hitters can see the ball as well

like Johan Santana, A.J Burnett, Stephen Strasburg etc

some scouting report will say

''they have timing problem ‘’ because when the pitching is vertical, its not behind their head.

Hydejing, please stop. You can just link us to Chris O’Leary’s site, but save us the explanation. And stop using still photos saying “this is what the hitter sees.” A pitch happens in a fraction of a second, a still photo sits there forever; it’s not the same. You can’t quantify deception from still photos!

Everyone is now an expert because of the internet.

Hiding the ball can happen a number of ways. You CANNOT tell if a guy “hides” the ball well through pictures. A guy whose arm goes behind his body can still “hide” the ball. The hitter itsn’t picking the ball up back there anyway.

So a ball that is “well hidden” can result from a quick arm, good mechanics as Roger mentioned, or just a funky delivery. The hitter will let you know if he can see it, you’ll be able to judge by his swings.