Hideo Nomo

Don’t know the years these were from, but the CF view one Nomo was pitching at Candlestick Park.

Larger version of the top view


xv you the man. Look how well he reverse rotates and “dangles” his arm. very good full body thrower

And I thought Lincecum rotated a lot. This guy is crazy.

I know he rotates a good 100 degrees. Lincecum is maybe 80-90 degrees

Most of you younger members are probably too young to remember Nomo in his prime. He was one of the nastiest pitchers in the league when he was in his prime. Not quite a HOF but a very solid career indeed. On a side note, look at his hip-shoulder separation :shock: He might have just as much or more hip-shoulder separation than Lincecum…

his Tornado delivery is not used alot
nobody in the majors does it now

i tried using his tornado and it made my right knee sore

how fast did he throw

If I’m correct I think he was a low 90’s guy, but yea he definetly did get the most out of his body lol

In his prime in mid 1990’s his fastball ranged about 91~94mph, but his curveball and forkballs were really nasty. His effectiveness dwindled in 2004 after arm injury. He recently retired

Such a strange delivery, yet it worked so well. What it really is is just good mechanics (full body throwing, keeping the front shoulder inside) disguised in his whirling motion. Although I’m not even close to being old enough to have seen him play, Luis Tiant had the same thing, but not to the extent that Nomo did it. Same with Kevin Brown.

I wonder how sore his knee was after he pitched?

i had acl surgery in december on my right knee. every time i see this gif i cringe