Hi, Im CTBlaze. Ive just started pitching and Im looking for good pointers for being a good pitcher. Im also left-handed. Somehow, I hav a nack for a curvball that I never knew I could throw. So I decided 2 c how good I can get. I havnt checked the speed of it yet, but I have a good ability 2 throw it down and in well. I cant explain how I did it, but I played for fun in gym and struck out 2 batters in 2 innings. I think thats good. Anyway, Im glad I found somewhere where I can get some pointers. O, and the kind I cand throw r Curvball, 2 and 4 seam fastball, and Im working on a circle change, but need 2 work on it. I always pitch it out of the strike zone.


Update, I got my circle change down. I played this weekend and screwed up everybody.


Hello, now give me your cheezburgers.

Hurah, I got a lot of practice in, and Ive learned a sinker. Natural throw 2. Im glad I got a lil bit of a knack 4 this stuff. Anyway, I hav 2 thank this site a lot cause Ive learned my 1st few pitches from here b4 I started posting here. Plus reading every1 elses ideas 4 stuff helped a lot as well. Thx everybody.