Hi I am a Mom of a sophomore high school pitcher 2nd year varsity from Florida. Starting to receive college info etc. Lots of phone calls and e-mails for camps, questionaires etc. So trying to inform myself of others who are pitchers and their stories. Son has won National Championships as a 14 U with travel teams etc. Hoping he has a future in baseball. But most of all him having fun doing what he loves most. He is a 3 sport guy. Football, basketball and of course baseball. Well I am sure I will enjoy this site. I don’t post lots of questions normally I enjoy reading.

Welcome! Enjoy your time on this site. We’ve got pitchers at all levels who participate. But don’t be afraid to post if you have any questions.

Welcome to the forums BBMom34!

Welcome to the forums, hopefully you will find what you are looking for, or interested to know!