sry i havent been on very much, i just go on more when baseball season is on.

I was stressing over whether you would come back or not.

[quote]Jason, 6’0 160 LBS 15 Yrs old.
4-Seam Fastball 70-76 MPH
2-Seam Fastball 70-74 MPH
Curveball 55-65 MPH
Changeup 58-63 MPH
Splitter 55-62 MPH
Forkball 55-60 MPH
Screwball 60-68 MPH
Knuckleball 38-45 MPH[/quote]

Wonder if that arsenal is real.Knuckleballs don’t move at 45 mph but if they do its not much. Screwball Ouch that hurts. Forkball not nessesary with splitter. Rest you should keep.

yea no need to stress if ill be back lol i always check on every once and a while. most of my posts i use my PSP

Ever heard of sarcasm? I’m sorry it wasn’t obvious enough. I’ll be sure to use sarcasm tags next time.

jason maybe you should add another pitch, 8 is not enough, wouldnt want to be your catcher giving signs