well, i found this forum trying to find someone who could help me with my pitching. looks like ive found the right place. well, on to about me.names drew, im 14, live in florida and a little over 6,2 170 pounds.been playing baseball since i can remember. but pitchings kinda a new thing for me…for about 4 years ive been workin on it. some people say im built to be a pitcher. so im workin on it. everthings goin good but velocity.im 14.5 but my velocity is only 72-73 on a average day. im mean…i definitly has strentgh and def. have flexibilty. but my velocity has yet to come around…and everytime i get on the mound i try to overpower myself and sometimes dont hit my spots. i really dont know if my speed is average for my age or not…i just grew up with a brother that was a manchild at age of 12 and could throw 81-83 consistently.i know this sounds like a load of crap but at that time my brother was one of the best at his age in the country…his traveling team (georiga stars) was ranked #1 in the nation for about a year. my brother had it all. but he threw it all away for hunting, booze, and girls.he had so much and didnt want it and i want it so bad but it really is not coming along right now.iunno maybe the good lord will help me and make me a better pitcher

Welcome to the forums.

You still have plenty of time to be a better pitcher. At 14, 72 isn’t too bad at all

Welcome aboard, and as Spence has already said you’ve got plenty of time, just work hard at it.

I think your velocity was good for your age mine was 61 but by the time I turned 15 BAMM 84 mph

Yeah I’m hopin when I turn 21 my velo goes up to 106


What magic bullet did you use for a 23 MPH increase in 12 months?!?! You should market it and sell it you’ll make a fortune!

hmm…why don’t you show us a video of your mechanics Kaz? from a mound, with a ball. If possible get a radar gun on the pitch. I have trouble believing that somebody who hits the strikezone 1 in 20 times would throw 84 mph… just a thought…

I’ll see what i can do the hard part is getting a radar gun a mound and someone to tape it all. Why is it hard to believe i throw 84 with no control. You can throw fast and have no control. I believe there was one pitcher way back when who could throw 105-110 but had no control at all.

It was wierd, I had been throwing 70 the entire pen session today, and then all of a sudden the next pitch was 80! I was amazed! But I had forgot I threw a 2 seam instead of the changeup I had been working on.