I’m Kyle - Hope to find somewhere to play after a few years out. I’m 6’6" with a mean fastball and no control. :oops:

Looks to be a lovely forum so far…

"The pitcher had electric stuff but couldn’t find the plate…"
I thought of that when I saw your statement about no control. What happened? When did you lose it—during those years you were out of the game? I think your post really belongs in the “General pitching advice” section where there are loads of pitchers—myself included—ready to help you with that problem.
Let me start by asking you: are you wild low or wild high? How far off the plate are you when you throw—too far inside or too far outside? Do you have a tendency to fall off the mound to one side or the other, and as far as your release point goes, is it too soon or too late? I know those are a lot of questions to ponder, but you need to start thinking about them—one at a time, perhaps, with the most troublesome at the head of the list. And get back to us; we’re waiting. :slight_smile: 8) :baseballpitcher:

You know, I’ve had a few pitching coaches - They all said the same thing. I have a hard time getting down the mound, too stiff I guess.

If I could replicate the finish every time, I am sure it would help tremendously.
A fastball is the only pitch I’m 100% with and if I can’t locate it - I’m not very useful.

Good to have you here, sounds like you just need lots of time on the bump, bullpens and game time. How old are you?

I’m sure you’re right. The last time I played was summer after high school - I did very well as a reliever. I’m 22 now though…

btw zita, I always miss high and right - which goes along with not getting over my leg. I’m giving it a full effort before too much time passes.


If you miss high and right and are a RHP, you’re most likely rotating the shoulders too early. You’ll want to check you posture and take care of the glove to let the shoulder stay closed and rotate late.