Hi there!

Hi my name is Patrick, couldn’t think of a better screen name at the time so i just went with my own name. I’m 15, live in Alpharetta, Georgia(a pretty baseball intense area).

I’m a sophomore in high school. I recently started playing baseball around a year and a half ago, and naturally was good at pitching so i decided to focus on that for my future.

I’ve been following this site for a few weeks now, and i really enjoy it. I just never thought about getting until the discussion until today and i look forward to getting some great tips from you all and having some interesting discussions.

Hello to all! 8)

good to have ya on here, its crazy how much letstalkpitching is expanding and its nice to have another member…welcome!

Welcome aboard!

Welcome aboard.

Hey Patrick. Good to have you with us. We believe it’s a pretty special place and I hope you’ll contribute and post video of yourself pitching.


I’ll have one up one of the days after Christmas, look forward to it!

welcome to the forums

don’t hesitate to ask questions. that’s what this thing is for. good to have you

Welcome to the boards!