Hi, new guy here

hi im new im a freshman in highschool.
im not that tall 5"8" and im probably not going to get that tall, as my dads not very tall either.
i’ve been pitching for only about 2 years after i went from the little leauge 46 foot mound or something like that, to the 60 foot mound.
i throw a fastball, change, curve, and im working on a slider.
i dont throw as hard as some others but i have movement.
And im a RHP and i got 73 mph(average71) on a Bushnell radar gun i got about 2 years ago.(if the bushnell is about 7-6 mph slower than the stalker/jugs, i guess i throw 79?) :smiley:
i hope to learn some new things, and ive read about the hershizer drill, what is it exactly? havent found it on this site yet.
ill post some videos later maybe, this site seems to be a great place.

Welcome to the boards!

Good to have you, Welcome!


Search YouTube for some good videos on the Hershiser drill.


Search YouTube for some good videos on the Hershiser drill.[/quote]
thanks i found some but what do they want with the angle of the upper body.
ive been told to have a slight upwards angle with the shoulders while leading with the hips, before throwing with flat shoulders.

Hersheiser drill is about working on driving hips toward home with more force not shoulder tilt or upper body action.

Actually, the Hershiser drill entails a number of elements including position and timingin addition to driving the hips toward the target. The position aspect is about leading with the hips and keeping the head and shoulders slightly behind the front hip (shoulders angled slightly upward). Your hip or maybe a little of your back pocket should be the only part of you body that touches the fence/wall. The timing aspect is about getting the hips moving while the front knee is still lifting.

There’s also the element of plantar flexion (extension of the ankle) to create a little extra momenum.