Hi, I'm Trevor

Hey everyone i decided to join the forum. I’ve been reading it for the past few weeks and i have learned a lot of great information. To introduce myself i’ll use the format steven ellis made.

Member Name: tdoherty22

Name: Trevor Doherty

Age: 15

Location: Fairfield, Connecticut

Pitching Experience: Basically since year after tee ball. Only really been getting serious about it this year (meaning wanting to train for it and improve with offseason practice, etc.)

Pitching Influences:
My dad
Roger Clemens
Mariano Rivera

Baseball Books:
I need to order some! I’m currently trying to decide which training program would be right for me.

Websites I Visit:

What’s on TIVO:
YES Network
Man Vs. Wild
American Chopper

What’s On The IPOD?:
Punk Rock
Some Emo(Dont worry im not emo though)
some screamo (pump up music)

Whats on Netflix:
The Field of Dreams
For the Love of the Game
The Benchwarmers
The Sandlot
The Natural
Rookie of the Year
The Rookie

What am I doing now?:
Currently looking all over the internet for information regarding baseball training. I’m looking for a program that can help me develop as a pitcher, gain some velocity, but also get me stronger and faster because when i’m not pitching i am a position player. I am almost 100% after going to rehab for my rotator cuff tendonitis. I went every weekday for 4 straight weeks after my therapy to do this extra innings program where i have continued to strengthen up my arm and get it healthier. I would do 3 days a week of conditioning (arms with arm bike and legs with treadmill) and core strengthening and 2 days of strengthening.

I am now looking for help on what to do after this. I am so determined to work hard this offseason so i can make varsity next year as a sophmore for my high school (JV as freshman) I just need some guidance. I am very happy to have found this site :slight_smile:

Yo Trevor wat school do you go to/wat team do you play for? I live in Burlington, CT, and I go to Lewis S. Mills High, and right now I’m playing for Burlington/Harwinton American Legion. I’m a freshman-softmore by the way.

hey FSTBLLTHRWER. I go to Fairfield Warde High School, right now im on the Fairfield Nationals, which is a AAU team, that’s cool though you live in CT, where is Burlington located?