Hi im new :)

Hi guys,
i’m from Ireland, im 25 years old im 5ft 8" and i’ve been pitching for about a 2 years now, for the last 2 years i’ve been trainning and watching 100s of videos on pitching my aim is to make it on the Irish baseball team but my local team have no one on it to teach me.

Ive been looking for a long time to find the right people to help me, atm i am able to pitch: Fast ball = 55mph
Slider = 45 mph
knuckle-curve = 45mph
change-up = 45mph

i know they are very slow pitchs thats what i want to work on but i have crazy movement and i can hit my target easy.

Thanks for reading just hope im in the right place :slight_smile:

Good to have you, good luck on your goals.



welcome! your in the right place trust me i read some of the articles on workouts on this sight and i got my fastball up 8mph in about 4 months :smiley: