HI! Im Mizuno!

Im mizuno, or Justin
I play Pitcher and centerfield.
I mainly play Center, because I dont have that much velocity on the ball, only control…
Whats on my Ipod Shuffle?

  • Jack Johson
  • Skillet
    -George Strait
  • Jimmy Buffett
  • And some rap
    I listen to all kinds of music, thats one way of broadening your horizons :smiley:

Do you listen to classical music?
It’s been proven to calm the mind.

Hi, mizuno, and welcome to the Fellowship of the Bump. I just want to say that you shouldn’t be too concerned about velocity, or the lack of it—there is plenty of room for finesse pitchers, of which I am one. You’ve got control, and you probably have a couple of good breaking pitches, so why not stick with it? :slight_smile: