No Luke, that isn’t possible, you see, even though the folks here would like to help you, there is no way that we can “give” you something that cost Steven all of his time and effort to create.
I’m sorry to hear of unfortunate circumstances, believe it or not you aren’t the only one. My suggestion to you is that if you would like a copy, take the time to earn the money, do odd jobs, cut grass, save and scrimp…it’s what we have to do in the world in order to achieve what we don’t have, you’ll find that when you do this, the thing you want becomes more valuable and meaningful to you…then you’ll understand why it is wrong to ask for things for free, when the folks who made what-ever it is worked very hard to make it.

I have removed your phone # too, please don’t post your personal information on an open public forum, your folks wouldn’t appreciate it.

My name is luke zettler. I play baseball and am a pitcher. My family is very poor however and i was wondering if anyone would be willing to send me their digital copy of the tuff cuff program or the show and go program.[/quote]

After facing injury before my junior year of high school baseball, I was throwing an 80 mph fastball. After suffering injury and loss of velocity, I invested in this manual. Now, with my senior season right around the corner and only about 4 weeks of Tuff Cuff training under my belt, my fastball is reaching 82 mph and I’ve recovered my lost velocity.