Whats up guys my names Keith I’m from CT, I’m 17 160 lbs going into my senior year at highschool this year. My fastball is mid-high 70s and I have a decent curveball and knuckleball. I’ve been playing baseball all my life. However, I just picked up pitching again this year after about a 2 year break, Its been a while but I’m really starting to like it again. I’m here to learn what i can do to become a better all around pitcher and athlete.

You’ve come to the right place.


Hey man, nice to see someone else with a knuckleball, so anyways if you want any help with the knuckler go to knuckleballhq.com and click the message boards link, I am known as Niekrofan13 on there.

I wish I could throw a k-ball but not enough time to learn. But anyway welcome to the forums.