Hey guys. I’m 16 years old and I’m trying out for my school’s baseball team this year. I’ve never played baseball in my life before but I have 2 friends who play for AAU teams and I’ve been working with them for almost a month now. They’re both pitchers for their teams so they’re training me to become one as well. I’m 5’6" (really short for a 16yr old) and 135lbs. I’ve been strength training for a little over a year now and most ppl at my school consider me really strong. Any tips for a complete stranger to baseball?
P.S. my school is terrible at baseball and the season doesn’t start until february/march so im sure i’ll be able to get the pitcher spot if I train well enough

hey welcome. glad to excitecd to play the best game in the world.


All right…sounds great!!! It’s not the easiest game to learn the little things but it’s fun as heck!!!

Good to have you!

Welcome to the Fellowship of the Bump! Glad to have you with us.


Welcome! You can do it! Keep working hard. Try and get on a fall league team if you are able to.

hope you’ve been enjoying this forum.