okay not to be rude to dick mills but i personally think momentum pitching is dumb. Like he said you boost 5mph on your fastball. Honestly if you look closely with momentum pitching the chances of you repeating that same delivery again and again is not likely…

This will lead to poor mechanics and thus hurting your arm. Like isn’t your stride like 140 percent of your body or something like that.

i might be wrong. But does momentum pitching really work or does it just cause poor mechanics.

I agree. I think you should bring your leg up to its peak before starting to move forward.

There have been so many definitions of “momentum pitching” on these boards that a whole book could be written about just this subject. I have always understood the term to mean getting momentum into one’s pitching by doing something that major league pitchers have done over the decades—something I learned about ages ago: driving off the lower half of the body, using the legs, the hips and the torso in one continuous (and seamless) motion, thus generating the power behind one’s pitches, and in the process taking the pressure off the arm and the shoulder so one can throw harder and faster. If this isn’t momentum, I don’t know what is. :slight_smile:

get on youtube and look up shuuto150, he has multiple videos of japenese pitchers who ALL step back and use momentum. you dont have to stride 140% of your height. i only do about 115%. i use momentum mechanics and i just step back about 12 inches, come forward and bring my leg up, then swing it into footplant and as i do this i drive off my back leg. when i started doing this over “traditional” mechanics, (you know, like stepping to the side,) i immediatly gained 3-5 mph on my pitches and didnt lose any accuracy.

Yeah, Zita pretty much nailed it… that IS momentum pitching and Dick Mills doesn’t promote anything different than what Zita wrote. Dick has pretty much just gone “old school” and is teaching what the pitchers of the past have done. He has thrown in a few wrinkles like the no leg lift approach (which is easier to perform and eliminates all hesitations and slowing movements to the plate) and driving off of the step-back foot (basically a double push - sometimes looks like a softball pitcher approach), but otherwise he teaches nothing new. It definitely increases velocity and is easier to control pitches, IMO!