Hey how do you become clutch?

Hey i was wondering how you become clutch for pitching. I was wordering this because their seems to always be pitchers who struggle in crunch time. Aka Brad Lidge. What can you do to make sure that yo u don’t mess it up

I would suggest that you focus on the process , not the results . There are many factors out of your control on the mound , whether it be the defense behind you , the umpire , or perhaps a very good hitter . In crunch time it’s best to focus on the basic fundamentals … balance , rythym , timing … trust yourself to turn it loose and deal with the consequences later .

Most of all … and I mean this on the highest levels of baseball … make yourself smile out there , tell a joke to your shortstop or something … let others see that while you are on center stage, you wouldn’t have it any other way !


you need to want to be a game deciding situation and you’ve gotta know your gonna succeed

theres people who go to the plate with 2 outs runner on 2nd, down 1 in the bottom of the 9th and they’re thinking “i hope i dont strike out” or “i hope he walks me”…then theres people who can’t even stay in the batters box they wanna get up there and bat so bad, thinking “im gonna hit a bomb”

some people collapse under pressure and some people conquer

some people will probably never be clutch, some people might be born clutch…sometimes luck is on your side…and sometimes if you experience a clutch situation long enough you may become immune to it

no fear of failure and amnesia. total focus on next pitch, next pitch, next pitch. just a stubborn refusal to give in.
theres alot of visualization material out there you can go through. we dont do a whole lot of it but should. im planning on doing more this year because we are going to be young on the mound.

the way to be clutch is to want to be in that situation and then step up.