Hey, how about those Royals yesterday?

A very good friend of mine volunteered to coach a group of ten year olds one summer and asked me to help out from time to time. I said sure, and I offered what I could.

There was a local college student who volunteered as part of credits program with one of his classes and he was an instant hit with all the youngsters. His sense of humor though, went off the charts on a regular basis and it took a while to get things back in order, all the while giggles and chuckles that were a constant under current. To put it bluntly - the guy was one looney tunes deluxe.

But, to this college boy’s credit, he did have the what-for-ever to notice when enough was enough. And, knowing that my friend was an avid Royals fan, he’d say … “ hey, how about those Royals yesterday?”, or something like that. My friend would crack a small smile and things would kind of smooth themselves over for a while.

On our way home one night there was a car accident and my friend and two of his riders went to the hospital via ambulance. It was bad. My friend ended up in the emergency room and then in the hospital for a long time.

I went to see him a few days later and during visiting hours we talked about this and that. A nurse came in for his scheduled medication and remarked how fortunate he was that so many asked about him during that night of the accident. She also said that his blood type was matched that night by donors and that he was extremely fortunate.

My friend looked over at me after the nurse left and said with a dead pan look… “ oh tell me that college kid didn’t roll up his sleeves and now I got him running around in me!!!”

I just couldn’t help myself… “ Hey, how about those Royals yesterday!!!”

Coach B.

Coach Baker-
great story.