Hey guys


I am new to this forum. I just made my high school baseball team. Our school has an excellent baseball program. We have practice everyday until 7:30-8:00. I just got the new Easton Stealth IMX. I LOVE IT :smiley: I pitch, play first and outfield (mostly left and right for the arm). My elbow has been hurting me for about the past week or 2. I have been icing it down everyday after practice and rubbing Emu-Oil on it after icing. Any suggestions? If so please let me know. (P.S. My school is Starrs Mill High School and is a AAAA school)




A lot of times at the beginning of the season, your arm might be a bit sore to start off. Especially if it is cooler out.

I know a lot of times, once it hits 40 degrees, we are outside on the turf football field throwing those dimpled batting cage balls…TERRIBLE for the arm, which is why I refuse to use those.

Anyways, welcome to the forum!


Tell me about it, our Legion practices start in April (no HS ball in WY) and sometimes we are doing relay throws in a snow storm, one time it got so bad we just hid in the equipment shed and just went over signs and shifts and what not.


I know what your talking about! It just snowed up here and the roads were icy and we still had practice while it was snowing! >.<