Hey From Brunswick Ga

Hey guys!

I am from a small town, Brunswick. It is located on the coast of Georgia and 45 minutes from FL. We are the proud town of Adam Wainwright note the name Waino50.

About me now. I am 14 years old playing high school ball for a small Christian school. I am in 8th grade and got a lot of improving room :slight_smile: I am the teams reliever, closer and catcher. I throw in the low 50’s but my 2 seam fastball has lots of movement for a fastball.

I have always dreamed of playing professional baseball. I would love to play baseball forever and I am going to give it my best shot!

Welcome and good luck pursuing your dreams!


Welcome to the forums.

What a great area! Cumberland Island is one of the coolest places on earth…! My son was lucky enough to live there for 2 years with the National Forrestry Service…We live a little south of Jacksonville.
Glad to have you on board!