Hey fellow pitchers!

My names Phillip :smiley: and I was born in MANHATTAN NEW YORK! However at the age or 8 we moved to the desolate island known as Colorado.I have been pitching in my recs centers copetitive leaguge(sp) for more then five years(four of which I have been a pitcher).I have a really good four seem and two seem. I also have a really sweet curve ball but it cost me three months of pain so I dont use it any more. Im currently working on a knucleball to replace my changeup(might not be the best choice but im going to do it any way cause the knucle balls probably my favorite pitch). Once i get better at a knucle ball im probsbly going to try to get a decent cutter. Im hoping to join my highschool baseball team.(I tried to join my middle school one but the first year i forgot my mitt, second i hat stiches on my elbow, third i forgot to get a physicall).

Im also going to submit a video of my pithcing on youtube as soon as it uploads on youtube.