Hey Everyone!!

Hey everyone im new to this sight my name is
Travis i go to WoodSide High school in california im a freshman 14 im 6’ and i throw

4 seam
2 seam
circle change

So hi everyone hope to be around for awhile and gain pitching ability by looking at the forums and using tuff cuff so hey everyone

Hey! I mean, welcome!

thank you hope to stay here

If you want post a video of your mechanics that will help a lot. Hey, it seems you throw a lot of pitches. If you want you can post a topic in the General section just about what pitches to throw and we should sort some stuff out. If you start an intorduction topic about yourself some more information, give us the details we can give you some basic knowledge especially with pitches. We see a lot of people come in with many pitches and trust me the bigger your arsenal does not mean better. If you focus on less pitches then you will really notice differences.

thank you for your advice and will definately post a video but i throw all of those pitches very well that is why i use so many…thank you for ur useful advice though and will post vid


Welcome, now give me cheezburgers! NOM!

HEllo Everyoneeeee

how fast u pitch

havent gotten speed checked in a while 2 yrs ago when i was actually 13 i threw like 65

Nice. I’m on the tail end of the velocity meter >.< 65 mph fastball at 16 lol.

yeah thanks man i turn 15 on the 18th of november