Hey everyone!

Hey, I just joined these forums. These are my stats.

5’6, 128 lb, played JV for this season as a relief pitcher, 10 innings of relief, 1 earned run

I’m 14, throw 3/4 arm slot and my fastball is about 63-65 MPH

I got a good variety of pitches but no curve ball because I’m afraid of injuring myself. Here’s my list of pitches. I got realllllly freakishly big hands for my height so its great for the circle change


I have two questions.

  1. is 63-65 is bellow average fastball velocity?

  2. because I’m pretty skinny right now, will my velocity increase as I get heavier?

any help is greatly appreciated, this seems like a great community here. I’m gonna post some videos of my mechanics soon.

Ok i can clear up some things about you being skinny.

1 the more added weight you put on will not increase fastball velocity.
2 you don’t need to gain weight you need to be Fit to pitch not big and very strong.
3 To gain velocity work on mechaincs

You want to be explosive when you pitch, so size doesn’t matter.

If you want more velocity
long stride and throw explosivly
also pitch with a purpose

thanks for the quick response. Is height a factor in velocity? cause I noticed that most major leaguers with great fastballs are over 6 foot

nope height has nothing to do with velocity if you can create good momentum then you are all set.

Post a video on youtube then get the link and put it on here and we will analize it no problem.

being tall and lanky definetly doesnt hurt your velocity. if you put a small pitcher with poor mechanics side by side with a tall lanky pitcher with equally poor mechanics the taller pitcher will throw harder.

will do, I’ll take a video of my pitching next time I get out

the reason the tall kid would get more velocity is because he is getting closer to the plate and is mostly has more momentum.

and a longer arm. I’m like you to, except i have small palms, and really, really long fingers and arms. I’m kind of a gorilla with my arms. Supposidly I have the arm length and 6 foot 4 person usually has an I’m 14.