Hey everyone

Just wanted to introduce myself real quickly.

I haven’t played organized baseball in a while but I’m looking to get back into the game. I’ve always enjoyed pitching but never had much instruction; a good portion of knowledge is self-taught.


4-seam FB – Consistent, need to increase velocity

2-seam FB – Can generate movement but need to work on locating pitches

Curveball – Decent consistence but lose control when I try to throw harder.

Palmball – Well-controlled; would like some movement

Knuckleball – Can throw one but with low consistency; currently tweaking grip and delivery.

I might eliminate one pitch in the upcoming months.


I’m hoping that this site will help me to further develop my pitches and mechanics. I’m currently looking into acquiring a radar gun to clock myself.

Also, I have a kid brother who pitches so I’ll be trying to get some info for him too :wink: