Hey Dude ……

Recently a program that I watch frequently – 60 Minutes, interviewed
a member of the Seal Team that landed in Pakistan. Their objective - bin laden.

As the interview progressed to the part where the team had to incapascitate the downed helicopter due to the secure nature of it and its contents – word went out To the explosive guy to “blow it”.

Communications about what to “blow it” wasn’t very clear, because the explosive member thought “blow it” was for the compound. So, the demo guy starts placing charges around the compound The only problem was… the compound was still occupied by the Seal Team finalizing their mission.

Now you’d think with all the collective training in one place, the intensity of discipline, and the professionalism of meaningful language that would advise the demo guy not to blow the compound but blow the chopper, lingo like ……” lone wolf one to lone wolf two … or, how about… “charger alpha to charger beta…” “don’t blow the compound, blow the chopper.”

The Seal Team member being interview found the demo guy and point blank says to him… Hey due, what-ya -doing?”
Now that’s what I call cool under pressure…. “hey dude, what-ya-doing?”

Coach B.

Coach B. I also saw the program. I believe everything this man said about the details of the operation. Training allows them to be calm and cool under pressure. I don’t believe that stress is avoided. It’s just deferred to a different more reflective time.

At least to me, I believe the operation itself was just half the sacrifice; the other half will be paid for later. That’s why, I stood at my kitchen sink last night, looking out the window at a lighted flag pole, the red and white stripes of a flag with a deep blue field of white stars gently draped along the pole. That flag seemed to be carrying a message. One of pride, one of determination, one of thankfulness to the guys and gals involved in making that happen.

When the President met with the team involved he wanted to know who had actually fatally shot Bin Laden. I was not surprised that nobody would tell him. The President doesn’t have a need to know card. That is something only one man and perhaps God should know.

Well said Dino