Hey doodles your up!

"Hey doodles, … your up!

I was taking to a friend of mine this morning and we were remembering ole times when slang was all part of the game. In fact, depending on where you lived and at what level of competetion you were at - language was a statement of the game just as important as playing the game itself.

For example, around where I grew up in the 50’s, it was common for us who were waiting for our turn to pitch to pass away the time scatching things in the dirt with either our spikes or a twig. Hence, from 12 - 14 ball, right through Legion, high school, county ball, regional and so forth the coaches used that sland for directing who was up. Which was usually right on the money- find one of us “doodling away” in the dirt.

Any of you coaches bring slang to the generations that your coaching??

Coach B.