Hey an idea

hey community just thought id ask for some help on a mechanic idea for pitching

i believe its important that the back leg extends and into the chest (into flexion by scap load) that way you have a bow and arrow effect with the body

however i am not doing well at perfecting this technique lol

i have that back foot double tap problem… however i think i found my solution… glove arm comes in too early and causes front shoulder to open

flat grount from stretch

step step throw

what r your guys thoughts?

It’s hard for me to tell from this angle but it seems your front leg lifts then swings out like a gate rather than coming up and driving to the plate. Driving more to the plate could eliminate the double tap because your stride will lengthen a little making it hard for your back leg to be able to do that. Then your glove arm starts at your chest and never gets extension which is why it seems to come in to early. I am currently working through problems similar to these.

Long time ago I had a coach work on getting rid of the double tap by putting a bucket infront of my left foot while I already in the open position moving toward home, he then had me lift my left leg over the bucket vs coming straight forward. He called it the bucket drill, seemed to work!

yes ive done the bucket drill as well… but i disagree with alot of the backfoot philosphies because in the end the solution is “well hell just keep your foot down and drag it on purpose”

i dont think this is an effective solution because my focus is on my target in front of me, i dont want to use effort to keep the foot down vs using full effort to target

i also connect my back foot to my glove arm… once the glove arm folds early so does the back foot

appears if i brace my glove arm a milisecond longer and chest thrust my back leg will have to stabilize in order to have balance into release. cant stabilize while in the air

also a key here is extending the back leg while lifting the front foot up (or hold it in the air whichever) and gain that extra 2 inches which will result in a drag line of some sort… i watched scott kazmir PG and his back foot has the same back and forth action but his stayes on the ground

he also threw 97, i throw 87