Here's Why LHP's Have More Movement, It's Not Natural

Here’s my latest post. You hear a lot of reasons why left handers have "natural"movement. I wouldn’t call it natural, but here’s my reason on why they have more movement. Enjoy!

I enjoyed reading this article. Very nice input.

I’d also like to add a few things about angles. Let’s assume both a left handed pitcher and a rhp are starting in the same spot on the pitching rubber. The angle for the rhp to get the ball down and away to the rhh (since the arm is coming through on the right side of the body) would look like this \ So when the ball gets to the plate it actually straightens out, even though it’s moving from it’s starting point. A lhp, (since the arm is coming from the left side of his body) would have more of this line down and away from a rhh l When the ball gets toward the plate, it is moving away from the rhh. So for a lefty the ball starts more straightish and the righty’s finishes more straightish. Does this make any sense to anybody??

I think I’m picturing what you’re saying, makes sense to me

Hard for me to explain. Let’s see if this helps. When looking at these two “drawings” envision the pitcher being at the bottom, and the catcher being at the top. Nevermind the periods before the slashes.
RHP angles down and away from a RHH l


The pitch will start out going on an angle to the pitchers glove side, and then flatten out or straighten out like the top “l” portion of the above image. So it’s straightening out at the end.


LHP angles down and away from a RHH

In this case, the pitch starts more straightish towards the plate then “tails” or “fades” to the location down and away.

Does this make more sense?

Yeah that’s what I was picturing I’m pretty sure somewhere on here Coach B posted something similar sometime one year.

An interesting topic. I have wondered if there are fewer LHP that are fireballers because of something with how they pitch (Thinktanks original post) or just because there are fewer LHP, so, fewer that throw hard.
I know (being left handed myself) it is a challenge being a lefty at times. With my son (also a lefty) he could not throw a straight ball when he was younger. Playing catch everything would move and dip. When he started pitching he obviously worked on mechanics and getting consistent. That said, it seems very easy for him to get pitches to move…tried a cutting the FB, took 2 throws to get it diving in. Changed the grip a little on the change and it dropped, curve ball can be nasty. I do think there is a lot to Thinktanks original post, but, I also believe that lefties learn to be much more “pliable” (for lack of a better term) with their wrist and hand. By having to do things “backwards” since day one I think there is a sort of engrained ability to adapt to in this case a different grip or pitch much faster than a righty. When I was young and playing music (drums) it turned out to be a huge advantage to being lefthanded and right footed…maybe there is a natural advantage to being a lefty.