Here's the deal

I’ve got try-outs in a month and a half, and I have a strained achilles dating back to September. It still hurts to run on it. I’ve been to the darn docs office and he just spews out the same stuff. I need this healthy. I rest it, ice it and whatever. Help?

i put it in here because nobody looks in the correct forum :slight_smile:

if i were you i would keep listening to the doctor hes the probablly the best one on this subject, sorry i want help

Sounds like you might want to look for a second opinion from a different doctor. Check out this website:

You can type in “achilles” in the search box and view a couple articles. Then you can click on “Find an Orthopaedist” and search for a specialist near you. Key is to find a doctor you trust.

Good Luck

how bad is this injury anyway? it sounds like its pretty serious if this dates back to September…dont be dicouraged if it isnt healed in time , keep doing everything your doing, your not a senior are you??

I already went to an orthopedic doctor.

I’m a Sophmore, but I didnt make the team last year and I certainly dont want to miss it because of this, this year.

i can see what you mean…ive never had this poblem but have doctors said anything about surgery i mean if its been hurting this long theres a good possibility thats theres serious internal damage…i really dont know what to say …but i know if you DO get surgery you probablly wont make the team this year unfortunately but it will be healed for the next two years of your high school. Its a lot to go through but im not a doctor, sorry i couldnt help yeah out

i def didn’t tear it. I just need treatment options.

yeah i can see why if you’ve had doctors keep saying the same thing and its not working…sorry i cant help yah out

Did the doctor give you physical therapy? Sounds like some well directed pt could be of great assistance to you. Has he perscribed anti-infammatory meds? Just what have you done for treatment? You seem to have enough time to get it up to snuff but don’t wait. If the doc you went to hasn’t sent you to pt, ask him why and if it’s an option ask to go. It is a big deal if he tells you to treat it a certain way so whether you like it or not follow whatever treatments closely.

How certain are you that there is no tear — did you get an MRI ?

If the doctor has given you a timeline for healing, has prescribed physical therapy, and you’ve followed EVERYTHING he’s directed, and not done things you weren’t supposed to do (i.e., run too early, play pickup basketball, etc.) during your healing time, and you are not healing according to schedule, then you should get an MRI and/or find another doctor.

What timeframe did your doctor give you? He should have given you a rough estimate as to when you’d be ready to start jogging, running, etc.

They never got back to me on PT :evil:

They said it’s almost impossible for a 15yr old to tear an achilles.

It’s just getting tiring. It’s has no effect on my pitching, but I’ve got to hit and field as well.

i’ll get my mom to make an appoitment.

almost isnt 100% get an MRI it would be very wise

Well, if it was torn it wouldn’t have gotten ANY better, which it has. The youngest case the doc could think of was a 16yr old russian gymnist doing gymnastics sibce age 4.

I’m more interested in PT and treatment.

ok then dont listen to us? isnt that why you posted

wanted to know if anyone had experience with it and knew any treatment options.

and has anyone said they have just wondering?