Here's Nolan's fastball, comments please

I think he has pretty nice mechanics. I noticed he reaches a bit with his front foot which means he’s keeping his weight back. Accordingly, he lacks momentum which keeps him from fully utilizing his body to throw. (This could be a byproduct of throwing on a gym floor.) I’d work on getting the hips going forward a bit sooner and a bit faster to build more momentum into foot strike. The increased linear momentum will translate into increased rotational momentum in the hips and shoulders.

I noticed a difference in how he’s throwing now as opposed to how he was throwing last year, and you hit the nail on the head by identifying the hips, and again when you mention not throwing from a mound. I think that may be the difference, because looking back on some of his outtings from last year he had much more lateral motion and a more explosive rotation of the hips.

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im going to have to agree on roger with this one…good post

I like his arm action except how he seems to pause at the top rather than have a smooth, continuous motion. I’m thinking that Roger’s suggestion about the stride may just do the trick to fix this.

Freddy Garcia pauses and he’s a very capable pitcher.

I noticed that the pitcher in the clip seems to short-arm the ball slightly. I would lengthen his arm-swing slightly.

[quote=“Chris O’Leary”]Freddy Garcia pauses and he’s a very capable pitcher.[/quote]Do you have video of his delivery or are you going by stills again? Also, there are lots of “capable pitchers” who’s mechanics I would not recommend for all. Randy Johnson, Chad Bradford, Juan Marichal, etc., etc. Is Garcia capable “because” of the pause or “in spite of” the pause?

[quote=“Chris O’Leary”]I noticed that the pitcher in the clip seems to short-arm the ball slightly. I would lengthen his arm-swing slightly.[/quote]You should really leave his arm action alone. This kid’s looking good in that department. Don’t screw around with a good thing!

How do you define “shortarming”? I see none of that in this kid, depending of course on how you define it.

I also noticed his back foot lifts instead of drags which could indicate his upper body is getting out front too much further reducing the use of the body to throw. But I think getting the hips going may do the trick for this as well.

I’ve noticed that Nolan finishes fairly well, but then pulls the arm back slightly like many kids do, like yanking back on a string. I’m still trying to break him of this habit…another long term project since he’s now convinced dad knows nothing :wink:

If he is pausing, it’s something new, and may have been an aberration. I have other vid I’ll check to see if it’s consistent.

As to the back foot lifting, could it be because his coach is having the pitchers throw from the flat instead of from a mound?

Freddie Garcia is definitely NOT the guy I want Nolan to emulate. I watched him a lot when he was in Seattle. I think his throwing motion, while obviously successful, is also ugly. Very upright, with a passive lateral movement and short stride for his height. He may be giving it 110%, but he looks like he doesn’t care. Zero intimidation factor. That said, if I had him on my staff, I wouldn’t kick him to the curb…very good pitcher, just not who I would use as the poster child for pitching form.

If he drags when throwing on a mound, then I might expect a reduced drag on flat ground but not a complete elimination of the drag.

House says that when there is no drag line (ie. the pitcher lifts his foot off the ground instead of dragging it), then his upper half is getting out front too soon. I’d recommend working on the momentum issue and see if a drag appears.

There could also be a lack of strength in the low back as that is what keeps the head and shoulders stacked upright into release. With a lack of strength, the low back may be releasing too soon. It loads isometrically in an extended (i.e. arched) position as the shoulders rotate and releases at about the same time the arm goes from external rotation to internal rotation.

I’m in the process of creating a frame by frame movie. As far as I can see from the stills, Nolan seems to stay stacked quite well. However, he lands on his heel instead of the ball of his foot.

Getting his hips going and increasing his tempo might cause him to land more on the front half of his foot.

I thought it was Nolan RYAN but good mechs anyways