Here's an other video pitching from the mound

dont worry about the camera on the second shot haha the person filming just got scared.

i know from watching a bunch of pitching videos that theres something wrong with this i just cant seem to find it myself i need other people opinions.

it just doesnt look right to me.

Totally different vid.
You collapse on the front leg…don’t you pay attention to Roger???
Get the hips moving, it will extend the stride a bit and it will make your body drive into it…which will cause a more direct and forceful follow thru, extend your release a bit…more “apparent” velo anyway. yep after looking again that bottom half isn’t too active.

yes thats what i thought, somehow my landing leg isnt doing what it is supposed to do but its such a bad habit it is so hard to change anything into a pitching mechanic when ypouve been doin it for so long.

as far as moving the hips, it might not appear but i was actually trying hard to do so, i made a lot of hershiser drill and i thought i had something going on but there is definetly a lot more work to do. right now i’m at 70mph i need to bring it to 85 in about 1 year. might sound like a lot but i feel like my arm isnt as strong as it could be my body isnt as flexible as it should and i have some serious mechanical problems. the last one is the reason why i am posting on here, you guys cant help on effort i put in this (and there is a lot of it.) but you guys can help with some suggestions on things i might need to change.

THANKS! :slight_smile:

[quote=“www”]Your mechanics are not that bad you just lack power. What is your vertical jump? I bet it is poor. You need a strength and conditioning program that will train you to produce more power. This should work well with the mechanics you have now.[/quote]i love this reply because i definetly have a weak vertical jump. i might need some program to build up strength, i just cant just go to the gym and just push some weight, i need something specific for pitcher right?
what would you sugest me?

You land with your stride knee bent almost 90 degrees. Would like to see you expand and stride farther down the front of the mound so that you can get to a 135 degree bend in the knee. Then, brace up against it more aggressively. Get the hips moving faster! That 135 degree bend will help you get your chest out over the front leg farther when you release the baseball.

thanks steve i appreciate, i went to the ball game in boston last night and was sitting right on third base side of lester the whole game. i definetly learned a lot and got a couple videos i will study.

i heard about the stride leg, i guess its all in stretching and really im up to that, next year im playing AA senior and im making sure im in top shape.