Helping an Older Crowd

I’m going to be a freshman starting varsity this year. I go to a school that is super serious about academics and pays no attention to sports. To show you how bad it is, it’s a multi million dollar school. We have a laser printer lab but no gym. I’ve been pitching since I was small and have come to learn a lot abt the craft of pitching. I’m not saying I’m a pitching guru but I know for a fact I have a higher IQ than any pitcher on the team. How do I help my coach who doesn’t know much about pitching but a crap load about hitting develop pitchers to eat up innings next year even though I’m going to be one of the youngest players on the team. I didn’t play last year but he let me come and practice with them one day and after he told that I was if not the best player on the team I was in the top 3(the other two were in 8th grade as well). Will me being better than the upperclassmen get them to listen to me next year or will I be ignored because of my age?

I would try to lead by example. Just because you came to some practices, regardless of how good you are, doesn’t mean you’re going to get people to listen or follow you immediately and it especially doesn’t mean the coach will buy in to all your ideas right out of the gate. You need to lead by example. If there’s some dead time, which there always is, see if you can’t put some more work in on the side and get a few of the guys to do it with you, whatever it is, be that flat ground work, drills, sprints, etc. Start small and just show that you’re hungry to get better and make your teammates better. People will respect that and follow that behavior in time and through that you can start changing the culture of your team.