Hi i am new to this forum
But i am a freshmen in highschool
looking forward to the baseball season as a pitcher
i have never been clocked in my life but i have gone into my backyard and threw one day
and my mom and dad were amazed i was 60 Ft. away from where i was throwing and right when the ball would come out of my hand not even a split second later it hit the fence
i dont want this to sound like a dumb question but how fast do u think thats going?
Also my dad said when i go to pitch it looks like i am going to do the splits i stride so far
any ways i was wondering if u could answer this :wink:

It’s far too difficult to guess at how hard you may have thrown based on the amount of time the ball travelled before it hit a fence seconds later. And at your age, velocity should really take a backseat to developing control and command of your pitches, though.

My guess is that however hard you threw, you may actually be able to throw harder if you were warmed-up properly. Get on a structured, organized baseball team if you think the sport is fun. Work with a trained coach. In that environment, the velocity will certainly come – especially if you’ve been previously untrained in baseball.

see the thing is i have worked on control since little league i was very slow but down the middle everytime and get jacked up on
i have worked on control with the CHange Up, Curve, Slider and Fastball
i am trying to pick up my velocity this year and i found out that i am pretty fast and controled i am going to a pitcher trainer in Luboock, Texas to see hwo i am doing
thanks for the help :wink:

i was clocked the other day
i am throwing 75-78 straight down the middle
any good for a 14 year old?

I’m 14, I’d take that, keep up the good work.

Good luck to ya.

well, haha, u say straight down the middle, that dosent mean u have good accuracy, accuracy in my mind is hitting the corners and being able to go eye level when ever you want to, i think people misunderstand what accuracy is, because if you miss ur spot in the pros, most likely, its gone, so, if you want to become a good pitcher, work on hittin ur spots----consistantly

Im 14 and I throw in the upper 60’s.

75 mph sounds good.

Throwing in the upper 70’s at age 14 is good but only part of being good. For example my son (High school) will not blow any pitch past anyone but is able to hit corners and has a lot of movement on his pitches. The other day in a fall game he threw 4 innings and allowed 2 hits. The coach pitched a senior for the last inning who throws easily in the upper 80’s. The other team who only scored 2 runs off my son then scored 6 runs in one inning off the “fast” pitcher because, while they were smokin, they were right down the middle and flat. Someone can get away with this in little league or middle school but once you start playing varsity if you throw down the middle you’ll get hit.

Someone—I forget who—once said, “Power is nothing without control.” It certainly applies here. You could have the most electric stuff in the universe, but if you can’t find the plate and hit your spots, what good is it? I remember an old-time pitcher—Rex Barney, who toiled for the Brooklyn Dodgers. It was said that he could throw a ball through a brick wall. Yeah—but which building? That’s how wild he was.
I can understand your “wanting to be Clemens”, but he had the control to go with his velocity. You certainly can develop that. One thing I used to do when I was a little snip—I would get a good catcher, and we would mark off a pitcher’s rubber and a home plate 60’6" apart, and we would play a game we called “ball and strike”. The purpose of this was to sharpen up my control—the catcher would position his mitt high, low, inside, outside, down the middle, you name it, and my job was to get the ball into the pocket of the mitt. I wasn’t fast by any stretch of the imagination—in fact, I was on my way to becoming a finesse pitcher who threw a lot of snake jazz—but I worked on that control and did indeed sharpen it up, You might try something like that. It’ll pay off big time. 8)

You need movement and speed on your pitches and be able to throw them where ever you want

[quote=“Hoovedawg”]Im 14 and I throw in the upper 60’s.

75 mph sounds good.[/quote]
Heck yeah i am 14 and i throw in the upper 60’s too

At age 14 and throwing hard, there are many many kids that cannot hit corners, in fact it is intimidating to just think about corners. If you can hit the glove wherever the catcher puts it then that is great. If your catcher doesn’t move the glove, then work zones, rather than trying to pick corners. One last thing, mix speeds and zones regularly. A hitter should be worked inside and outside, but in different zones. read what the hitter is trying to do at the plate as well. If he is obviously a pull hitter, the outside zones should serve you well.