hey, i am 13 and i throw a fastball and curve but wanted to learn one more breaking pitch that’s not too difficult to learn other than a changeup?


what’s wrong with a fast curve and changeup? When you say breaking pitch do you mean offspeed breaking or both?

It’s better to have 2 really good special pitches that you can throw for strikes than 3 or 4 that aren’t even that good.

hitters pick up the spin on my curve and my fastball isn’t hard enough to blow by everyone… by breaking pitch i meant something like a slider, splitter, or cutter but i don’t know how to throw them with much movement

Start by learning a changeup. First, you are only 13, also as you get to higher levels of baseball some say the changeup is the best pitch next to a fastball with control and movement.

Agreed you can get through most of high school ball with just a fastball and change, barring in mind that you can spot them for strikes.