I need help with my mechanics, I need all the tips I can get on improving velocity. Got a new vid now, and in slow-motion with the help of windows movie maker.I have the video now. Here is a screenshot from my 2nd pitch: sure doesn’t look good. I need Chris O’Leary to look at my video.

This is my video, please review my mechanics deeply and critique them please.

Oh my GOD!! I might be a WEAVER!!

You might want to post another video for multiple reasons: We can’t see you, and of course your “comments.” You knew the video was on, clean it up.

How do I edit it?

What view would be best?

Consider taking a new video.

Set up your camera + tripod about 30 - 40 ft away, even with the spot you pitch from, and at a right angle to the direction of the target.

Think of the camera as positioned on 3rd base of a small diamond, and focused on the pitcher’s mound.

Get someone, or some thing, to stand in at the rubber so you can adjust the zoom lens to get a reasonable field-of-view: I.e., Big enough f-o-v to capture your entire motion, without cutting off your head or feet, or the forward extremity of your delivery.

Well La(I have talked with you about this before, I am 55futurelincecum on youtube) I don’t have all of the materials needed, and why should I buy them now because I live in Pittsburgh and its gonna snow in a few months. Um, that camera that you have that takes the cool slow mo videos of Lincecum pitching, is there a way to get that camera or a similar camera at a cheaper price?


Well, yes, Casio now makes some cheaper vidcams (~$200 - $250) that will do slo-mo. That’s been discussed at length recently on LTP and it’s really a separate topic.

You don’t need anything new to re-make your video–just take it from the 3rd base perspective using the camera you have now. If you don’t have a tripod, put the camera on top of something that doesn’t move, and get someone to stand where you will pitch from so that you can adjust the zoom, with the camera in place. When you’ve got the zoom right, start recording and go pitch from the spot that the camera is focused on.

Hey does anyone know how to pause and jog videos on youtube?

I would like to see a side view. It looks as though you are releasing before your leg stiffens. Getting your release in sync with the front leg can further help you with your release point consistency and maybe even add a little velocity. It definitely adds more snap to the curve.

I think that you are also a bit inconsistent with your body, sometimes you stay upright and other times you follow through and drop to the left. I think you are a bit young and will eventually get that consistency.

I would like to see a side view :slight_smile:

This is why doing video analysis with youtube video sucks (pardon my expression).8)

Poor quality (usually) and not being able to go frame by frame is a big problem.

Get some decent video software (Animation Shop, Sony Vegas etc) and learn to make a 20 second clip of 1 or two throws. You don’t need 5 minutes of video to breakdown throwing mechanics.

Ok…of the soapbox. :smiley:

Allright im going to make a new vid soon, maybe tonight, depends when I get the target that I am building up.

All right, I got that target built! :dance:

Lengthening your stride would definitly add velocity, your stride should be atleast 80-90% of your height

I actually had to shorten my stride recently, because my pitches ended up at the batter’s feet.

Your pitches were ending up at the batters feet because of your release point, not your stride. Lengthening your stride will definitely help with velocity, but it might take a while to get your control back. Try measuring about 80-90% of your height from the mound then see where you are landing. Look at Tim Lincecums stride for proof :nod:

Thanks for the tip.

Oh i’m sorry, did I say side view? lol. I meant a front view. Silly me. Some of the things that are important to note are whether or not a pitcher is squared to home before delivery. Whether or not he leans, and I would like to see the arm action from that angle as well. If you want to take advice and make up a different motion, and you make it yours I feel that when you are comfortable in your motion, you will take that confidence to the mound with you, and you aren’t relying on some MLB guy to get a strikeout, you do it yourself. Usually when we have control and velocity problems it can be attributed to having great mechanics at one point, then we make small adjustments here and there and one day we don’t realize the difference because they were all so small and gradual.

Anyway, hope to see new video soon

I have a kid who I enjoy working with playing in a tourney in Arizona, and I hope to get some video of his pitching uploaded on here. ciao :slight_smile:

How the hell do I get a front view without breaking my mom’s camera??? Please help.

Put it behind a net.