I need a drill to cure the foot drag problem. Jon’s last week of fall ball is next week and we want to finish strong!

one thing we do with our young kids in camp is put a fungo between their legs starting in the power position and make them get back foot over fungo. theres more to it mechanically than that but its a start to not dragging.

Nolan Ryan, Clemens, etc., etc., drag their back foot for a short distance so I don’t see that as a sign of a problem right away. It would be a problem if it were to continue too long. This might be a “sign” of a lack of good hip and trunk action, not a “cause”. The back foot coming off the ground should be a “result”, not a direct goal. If there is good hip rotation, aided by back leg and foot extension and rotation, and forward trunk flexion to release, then the back foot will come up and do what it will as a result.

What I’m suggesting is that focussing on getting the back foot off the ground may be barking up the wrong tree.