Help would be appreciated 13 years old

How should I avoid blowing my arm out at a young age and still throw enough to increase velocity drastically(6-10 mph in 2 months)? xD

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6-10 in 2 months is pretty impossible I’d say. 6-10 takes a yea, for some. Velocity at a young age is based off growth and flexibility, and mechanics.

6-10mph in two months is impossible unless you were previously injured or taking steroids. At 13 you shouldn’t be throwing much at all. Focus on mechanical quality instead of throwing quantity and really focus on the fundamentals. Run a lot of sprints, have good mechanics and have fun. Velocity will come.

Thanks for the help… I guess it was too big of a goal. I was just trying to be faster than others in my league so I could have a successful season, but I prolly should take it slow, right?

Dude stop. You are not going pro.

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Dude stop, seriously. You called him dumb in his other post and now you’re telling him he’s not going pro.

thank you man!!! MY POINT EXACTLY. this place is to help, not insult.

To elaborate on what some of the other replies hinted:

Increasing throwing volume a lot is not going to significantly increase your velocity at this age. However, I DID see my own son increase his velocity 5 MPH in 2 months, with no change in throwing volume. How?

He had never worked out before. He started a methodical workout routine of calisthenics 3x/week, 45 to 60 minutes per session, where he’d do 5 sets of calisthenics (pullups, unweighted squats, planks/crunches, pushups, and a few other things done less often), with a proper warmup and cooldown. The cooldown included band work.

On the other days he was doing sprints, just 5 30 yard sprints, separated by 90 seconds rest.

He gained 5 pounds during this 2 month period and velocity went up 5 MPH.

He then slacked off and did the calisthenics less regularly. His weight stopped going up and his velocity plateaued.

If you have never done any kind of working out or sprint work in a methodical fashion like this, it will be a far better velocity bang for your buck than throwing volume.

Note all this assumes no change in throwing mechanics. Another potentially large source of improvement will require improved throwing mechanics, but that is not as reliable a source of gains as working out, because you’d have to find a good teacher, and even then it’s not a sure thing.

Adding onto filterjoe here, If you have no idea where to start you could always grab a copy of Tuffcuff (highly recommended) but if you don’t have the money/time to wait for it to arrive you could always just search baseball workouts online.

A Routine i did myself went like so:

-Low Intent Throw and Catch

-Low to medium Intent Long Toss


-High Intent Pulldowns

On any day where you don’t throw treat it as a recovery day with stetching, rolling out, eat protein, count your macros etc. anything that gets you ready for the next throwing session. It’s very important to sleep loads. Try not to use too heavy of a weight when lifting seeing as you’re 13. Try to perform full body calysthenics.

A warmup i swear by is the Parisi Speed School Warmup. I do it before every practice and game. The warmup written out:

Stretch Properly, long toss Properly and get your rest. Clean up your mechanics. That should do. There is no secret.